Belarusian worker at Rooppur plant project found dead in dormitory


A foreign worker at Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant project has been found dead in his dormitory in Pabna's Ishwardi.

Hansarao Aliaksandre (58), originally from Belarus and a worker of a Russian company involved in the project, was found dead last night in his dormitory at Green City, the residential area for foreign workers of the project, said Md Asaduzzaman, officer-in-charge of Ishwardi Police Station. 

His room was found locked for a long time and police were later informed in this regard. Police personnel went to the site and recovered his body on Wednesday night, the OC said.

The body has been sent to Pabna General Hospital morgue for autopsy, the OC also said, adding that he might have died from cardiac arrest. 




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