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  • Detox the wardrobe!

    First and foremost, get rid of all your unnecessary clothes. If there are pieces lying around that you have never worn in the past few years, maybe it's time to let them go.
  • Top 5 Beauty & Lifestyle Apps

    Apps- tiny little icons just a click away on our smartphones, we use them everyday for multifarious purposes! But, what if we told you the names of some apps that can play a major role to redefine your living?
  • Facial grooming for girls

    Beauty is all about looking and feeling confident. If facial hair removal is something that brings more confidence to you, then why not go for it! And to help you with that, we're sharing some of the best ways of getting rid of all the unwanted hair, right from the comfort of your own home!
  • All About Masks

    There are so many steps to a good skincare regime. Among them, one of the most instant and effective steps undoubtedly, is using facemasks! Masks are easy to use, show instant results and hold therapeutic significance.
  • Style Revamped

    In this age of social media and OOTDs, staying a step ahead of the trend-game is mandatory! And the good news is, Bata knows what's up!