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  • Zohaina Amreen

  • The chores of a bridesmaid

    The culture of designating the title of a ‘bridesmaid’ is surely western, but its influence has slowly penetrated our deshi-weddings. Now, Bengali brides also assign duties of a bridesmaid to a few ladies among her friends and family.
  • The white shirt

    The admiration truly comes for all good reasons; it goes with everything, everywhere and at all hours. It also attempts to take on the ‘modern-vintage’ trend with little to no effort. One piece for endless, effortless looks — this Autumn, let’s fall in love with the timeless white shirt.
  • Bags for Fall

    The season of fall, luxe bags and polished leather — the trio that sums up our desires.
  • The Lingerie Story

    So, let’s dive into the world of lingerie as we explore what’s underneath, all in depth.
  • Styling pants the trendy way

    Very ‘90s, ripped jeans, once-known-to-be a ‘grunge fashion-statement,’ have now built its reputation as ‘casual chic.’ They look cool, give off a fun vibe and can be worn under most informal settings.