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  • Valentine’s Day gift guide

    February 14 — a day to celebrate love. Being in love is a beautiful feeling and this date is a reminder to express our emotions, to show our significant other how much they truly mean.
  • Surprise, Surprise!

    A special day is right around the corner; a day solely designated to show our loved one how much s/he means to us.
  • Fusion for Falgun

    Pahela Falgun calls for a celebration as we embark on the charming season of Spring (boshonto). It bears a tradition of festivity, further brought to life by Bengali women.
  • Being happily single on Valentine’s Day!

    With romance being everywhere on Valentine’s Day, it is natural for us singles to feel a little left out. Romantic relationships sure can make some happy, but it’s never a necessity.
  • The chores of a bridesmaid

    The culture of designating the title of a ‘bridesmaid’ is surely western, but its influence has slowly penetrated our deshi-weddings. Now, Bengali brides also assign duties of a bridesmaid to a few ladies among her friends and family.