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  • Micro Sunglasses: The new cool

    The trend surfaced sometime last year when the Kar-Jenner as well as the Hadid sisters started wearing different shapes of 'micro sunglasses.' Thanks to their social media posts, the internet was quick to catch on and soon enough, pictures of our favourite social icons started popping up all over the internet.
  • 'Sunnies, Sun and all the Fun'

    We have seen all our favourite actresses don them! We have immaculately tried to duplicate their look, with micro sunglasses to metallic shades. But is this provision that we talk about only used for vanity?
  • Let the eyes do all the talking!

    What are things that we notice about people when we first meet them? Is it how their hair falls on their face? No it's the eyes…whether they shine, sparkle, smile, glimmer or maybe hiding behind some kind of grim. Either way, it's always the eyes!
  • Detox the wardrobe!

    First and foremost, get rid of all your unnecessary clothes. If there are pieces lying around that you have never worn in the past few years, maybe it's time to let them go.
  • Top 5 Beauty & Lifestyle Apps

    Apps- tiny little icons just a click away on our smartphones, we use them everyday for multifarious purposes! But, what if we told you the names of some apps that can play a major role to redefine your living?