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  • Checkmate!

    When it comes to fashion, the easiest way to go about is to keep it casual. Team a chequered shirt with a good pair of jeans, roll up the sleeves and add a watch/bracelet. Tuck in, layer with a sweatshirt and add a pair of glasses for a smart, but serious attitude.
  • The shape shift

    Take your basic hoops to the next level. Welcome some atypical styles within the hoop-range to your collection. An example of such is this pair where the hoops are in a loop, giving it a fashionable new twist. Incorporate this stunning pair to a simple outfit and watch your look transform right before your
  • OVER the top

    Accentuating the shoulders gives a new dimension to the most basic of looks; it adds a fun spirit to the dullest of moods. They are super cute yet quite minimalistic.
  • Return of the clips

    You want to keep a lot of things out of your hair, but what happens when you want the hair to be out of your face? No matter what hair spray/mousse/mineral you use, combating unexpectedly breezy afternoons and fighting frizzy hair days have one go-to: the hair clip!
  • A ring diary

    Accessorising is an essential aspect of styling. It became such because most women, if not all, love to adorn themselves with jewelleries. They love to express their inner aura in the language of stunning ornaments. Among all kinds of accessories are finger