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  • Bloodshed in Brussels and Angst of Muslims of the West

    Terrorists struck again within six months of the carnage in Paris, this time in Brussels, the city that serves as headquarters of both NATO and European Union. Brussels is not unknown to terrorism; the city saw acts of terror no less than six times in the past few years, but none with the ferocity and violence
  • Who guards the guardhouse?

    In a surreal digital theft that befits a high octane movie thriller, we were recently informed of the daring heist at
  • Donald Trump- using democracy to an autocratic future?

    The avalanche of Donald Trump's presidential campaign success reached new levels this Tuesday...
  • Nepal's plight: Land locked or India-locked?

    After months of a chill in Indo-Nepal relationship, there is new sign of things warming up and India's loosening of the vise on Nepal. The Prime Minister of Nepal signed several treaties with India in his latest visit to Delhi early February, but only after his country had agreed to amend the recently adopted Nepalese Constitution that apparently had caused the Indian resentment, and put Nepal in the wrong end of the stick.
  • Law enforcement and accountability

    In the last one year, the news that mostly occupied headlines in the US concerned police excesses.