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  • A Detox Supplement Review

    My journey into detoxification and self-discovery began when one night, this woman on the TV enlightened me that in order to detoxify your body, you must take Extra Nut Detoxing Supplements, because your liver is just as lazy as you at its job.
  • Science podcasts for geeks

    We have all been told by our teachers or seniors to read books on science outside our school curriculum, but some of us never seemed to be successful in this attempt because we found these books to be too complex or lacklustre.
  • Dealing with rejection from your dream university

    University admission tests are around the corner, and all of us have our heart set on a particular university, along with our parents who sometimes get even more anxious than we do. Most of the students of our country dream of making into public universities. Considering the colossal number of students that are going to compete for the somewhat few seats available, it is like a life-and-death moment for the students and their families. Hereby, a rejection can be life-shattering.
  • The Best Things about Internet Friends

    I remember the first time I joined social media, my parents and relatives had delivered an entire sermon on why I shouldn't be befriending unknown people on the internet. Their descriptions caused me to think of malicious, perverted old men every time the term 'internet friends' was mentioned in front of me. However, over the years, after I learned to distinguish shady internet people from the genuinely good ones
  • An aisle-by-aisle guide to grocery shopping

    Grocery shopping is a Herculean task, but you don't realise that until you get to do it by yourself. It might be the time when you have to move away for college, or when your parents are too busy with work so they just heave the responsibility upon your shoulders. Of course, I'm no grocery shopping expert, but here are some of the things that I learned from my experiences.