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  • Wara Karim

  • Preparing for the second wave

    The lockdown condition of spring and summer seasons was bearable, thanks to long, sunny days and warm weather. However, as I look to the future and think of the cool-cold days ahead, I feel that spending the next six months within four walls could become challenging. I almost want to beg to these sunshine days, “Please stay a bit longer.”
  • A life measured in numbers

    We count everything — from the size of the paycheque deposited to our bank accounts to the number of ‘likes’ on our last Facebook posts.
  • The eternal juggle of work and family during pandemic

    “For a working mother to be able to successfully blend and balance work and family lives, the key ingredients are planning, planning, and planning.
  • Marital life during pandemic

    On a countless number of couples worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on unprecedented marital challenges. China, where the outbreak first occurred, experienced a spike in divorce after the country began to lift the lockdown.
  • Faithful to the Oath

    While so many of us are at home to ‘flatten the curve,’ or in other words, to reduce the spread of COVID-19, our healthcare professionals are fighting long, gruelling hours on the front lines.