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  • The significance of a shopping list

    We all love to shop. Some of us are shopaholics while others are not, but we all, from time-to-time, purchase things we do not need. While it is not always possible to make a shopping list every time we go shopping, it is a good idea to make a grocery list before you step inside a food mart or a kitchen market. Why? You will find out in a while.
  • Tomorrow, a 3D film by Bangladeshi animators

    Ratul Hasan, 6, lives on St. Martin’s Island, the southernmost point of Bangladesh. On a nighttime magical journey with “the Old Man of the Winds,” Ratul sees two kinds of possible future for his country and the world — one bleak and one bright.
  • Daydreaming about holidays

    If you are like me, someone who jumps at the idea of exploring a new place, but have not travelled in the last one year, you will understand my plight. On some days, I so want to catch a flight and visit another state or country, inhale the air of a new place, and try a new cuisine.
  • Buy Bangladeshi from abroad

    The items arrived in DHL’s famous red-yellow mail bag.
  • Understanding the power of small businesses

    I wanted to order some food from a local café, so I Googled to find their phone number. The search result took me by shock, it said that the café was “permanently closed.”