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  • Reducing digital carbon footprint: Why the world needs you to pay attention to your inbox

    While people all around the globe are actively adopting sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives, monitoring carbon footprints has become more crucial than ever. Thus arises a question- are there sources of carbon emissions around us that we can easily control but are unaware of?
  • 'I Care A Lot’: A peek into a chilling alternate reality

    A movie where the tally of good people stands at zero, this gripping psychological thriller will put your anger to the test as the despicable operations of Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike) unravel.
  • Are ride-sharing services on the right path to recovery?

    Bangladeshi ride-sharing services are slowly on the trend of recovering most of their loyal users and regaining the trust of people throughout the country with its proactive safety protocols and adjustments. As the world experiences dynamic shifts, it is truly exciting to witness what innovative measures these businesses have in store for its users in the long run.
  • The new normal for internships

    Virtual internships have largely become the norm since the countrywide lockdown commenced in March and even now, as lockdowns have been largely relaxed, internships take place remotely ensuring maximum safety and social distancing. For numerous fresh graduates and students who find themselves locked in uncertainty, the proliferation of numerous virtual internships, both at home and abroad, present a new lifeline of opportunity and hope to eke out a sense of working outside.
  • Cloud Kitchens: Future of food delivery services

    In these dire times of crisis and uncertainties caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic, the world has witnessed major economic turbulence, with several industries failing to cope up with the drastic changes in global lifestyle. On the flip side, there have been a number of online tech-based platforms booming in these times, with the cloud kitchen industry being one of them.