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  • Tuhin Shubhra Adhikary


    The rumble of a diesel engine broke the silence of the chilly morning of December 14, 1971, at teachers' quarters on the Fuller Road in Dhaka University.
  • Irregularities at BRTA

    Driving Licence-Seekers: BRTA struggles to handle rush

    The number of driving licence-seekers has seen a sharp rise following the unprecedented student protest for road safety in July-August, and the authorities are struggling to cope with the pressure due to inadequate training facilities and manpower.
  • Road crash killed 25k in '16: WHO

    At least 24,954 people were killed in road crashes in the country in 2016, according to a World Health Organisation report.
  • Child suicide on the rise

    The number of children dying by suicide has increased in recent years largely due to what experts believe a lack of awareness among family members and teachers about the stress in adolescence.
  • 64pc polling centres risky

    Sixty-four percent of the polling centres across the country are vulnerable to violence, with the highest number of such centres in Dhaka division, and police have finalised an elaborate security plan giving importance to those.