TAMIM BIN ZAKIR | The Daily Star

  • Best Spider-Man Animated Film to Date

    If you're of the opinion that Spider-Man has been rebooted too many times in the last two decades, hold onto your hats. The animated adventure Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse introduces no less than seven new versions of the character within a single film.
  • Carve Your Odyssey

    Set in 431 BCE in Ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta, Odyssey's island-hopping story sees you playing as the descendant of the legendary Spartan King Leonidas (This is Sparta!). Who you play as in Odyssey marks a first for the Assassin's Creed franchise, as you now have the choice of playing the game exclusively as a male or female character in the shape of siblings Alexios and Kassandra.
  • Your Definitive Neighbourhood Spidey

    When Spider-Man 2: The Game came out on in 2004, it was a revelation. More often than not, video game developers hadn't been able to translate superhero stories to an interactive medium, but Spider-Man 2 was the exception.
  • Improving over perfection

    Horizon Zero Dawn was an incredible surprise when it released last year. Coming from a developer who was only known for linear sci-fi first person shooter, Guerilla's first attempt at an open world, third-person action RPG exceeded all of my expectations with a wonderfully crafted world, interesting characters, meaningful quests and a fascinating story that continually answered questions that were burning in the back of my mind. It was near-perfect.
  • A Very Grim Action-Adventure Sci-Fi

    Inuyashiki has a damn good crack at originality, creating a narrative that's bolstered by its sweet-natured titular hero, as his superhuman capabilities are explored from a stylish yet believable perspective. With an antagonist that very well serves the phrase 'total and complete scumbag', and a refreshingly harrowing interpretation of the superhero genre, Inuyashiki delivers an entertaining, albeit flawed, gratuitously gripping experience.