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  • How to update your resume format

    How often to upgrade your resume

    A resume is the first touch-point between you and your recruiter. Whether you're looking for your first job or planning on shifting to a
  • All you need to know about the CFA Program

    The CFA program is a graduate level self-study program with three levels that'll give you a boost in your career.
  • 10 resume mistakes to avoid

    Outrageous enlargement of the font size of your name: Believe it or not, your name is the least important element of your resume. So while it's acceptable to use it on top, it's not a smart choice to have the font sized at 36.
  • Can debating help you in your career?

    Of all the things Bangladeshi students have been excelling at, debating is among the most notable.
  • Do part-time jobs add value to your cv?

    University life is hands down one of the most chaotic phases of one's life. Most rational people with even the slightest of ambitions use