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  • Online debating: The silver bullet of inclusivity and opportunity

    Co-ordinated social media celebrations fueled by the collective adrenaline rush that comes with an international victory - are scenes spotted during the aftermath of a breathtaking performance by our cricket team tigers.
  • There’s no such thing as a free lunge

    I’m scared of heights - morbidly terrified of heights. Looking down at the fleet of cars from the Farm-gate over bridge gets me a little rattled. So naturally, I decided that I wanted to jump off a bridge overlooking a 160m gorge at The Last Resort in Nepal. I like to think it was a calculated decision I made to conquer my fear of heights, but in reality, it was a decision I made on a whim, the consequences of which I put off thinking about until I absolutely had to.
  • What is your greatest weakness

    There are certain questions that interviewers often ask while interviewing potential recruits. These range from asking them about their personal lives, why they want this job, why they are the right fit, and where they see themselves in the next 5-10 years.
  • Creating a high performance culture

    People love it when they are given agency. That extra freedom goes a long way to boost their performance.
  • Workplace resolutions for 2020

    Not everything went your way last year – this year won’t be any different. Instead of acting up on every little noise, learn to look past them.