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  • Employment in the age of automation

    The lift-operator is a peculiar person. He sits on a stool inside a small, claustrophobic space. In the olden days his job required quite a few skills.
  • Cities and climate change

    Urbanisation is escalating worldwide. Hence cities are becoming increasingly crucial in dealing with climate change. According to UN Habitat, cities contribute to 70 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions whilst occupying only two percent of the world's land.
  • The value of a woman's time

    The word “economics” originates from the Greek “oikonomikos”, which roughly means management and care of the household. From this etymology, it may appear that women, who are often in charge of managing and caring for the household, would be highly regarded in the discipline of economics. Yet in conventional economics, the unpaid housework of women is completely disregarded.
  • Why do people evade taxes?

    In Satyajit Ray's 1980 dystopian film Hirok Rajar Deshe (Kingdom of Diamonds), a diamond miner accused of tax evasion is brought to the court of the king. The miner pleads for the king's mercy, as he confesses that he is too poor to pay taxes.
  • Peace Over War

    Peace is often defined as the absence of violence, conflict, hostility, or war. Yet this definition is not only derogatory, but also deceptive. Peace is not merely the absence of violence; it is the vanquishing of oppression by independence—the victory of justice over injustice. You cannot separate peace from freedom, because a man cannot have his peace unless he has his freedom. If an oppressive society lacks violence, the society is nonetheless not peaceful, because of the injustice fuelled through oppression.