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  • Healthcare in the time of Covid-19

    Throughout the world, governments of various countries are taking extraordinary measures to deal with the crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Powering progress through clean energy

    Imagine a 187-feet tall tower with a 55-tonne steel dome on top. At first, it seems like a structure from a future base on the planet Mars. But the Wardenclyffe Tower is not an abstraction from the future.
  • Implementing SDG 6: Watering the seeds of development

    Nothing is more useful than water. Ironically, hardly anything can be obtained in exchange for water.
  • SDG 5: Going for Girl Power

    An episode in UNICEF Bangla-desh’s popular cartoon Meena, the protagonist’s cousin Rita, a 15-year-old girl receives a proposal to marry the village shopkeeper’s son.
  • Ending Ignorance in Bangladesh

    In Satyajit Ray’s 1980 dystopian film “Hirok Rajar Deshe” (Kingdom of Diamonds), the king used several measures, such as high taxes, forced labour and brain-washing, to maintain a stranglehold on his people.