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  • A global aging population and Bangladesh's economy

    Many of the industrialised economies are going through an unprecedented demographic change called “population aging”.
  • Why computers get cheaper and health care doesn't

    This is the subtitle of a book by William Baumol, an American economist who died recently at age 95. The title of the book is The Cost Disease. In his book, Baumol made several interesting arguments that have significant implications for public welfare in Bangladesh.
  • The puzzle of hiding data

    Suppose a doctoral student at a US university is writing her dissertation on an economic issue of Bangladesh, and if the required data is available on a BBS website, she can conveniently access it. The net result is that Bangladesh can benefit from new scientific research financed by the US taxpayers' money.
  • What will Bangladesh look like in 50 years?

    In a few years, Bangladesh will celebrate its 50 years of independence. When Bangladesh was born in 1971 as a new nation, there was