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  • Suzit Kumar Das

  • Labour Migration: Deadly desperation

    Jumman Hawlader had turned 19 when his family began to expect some contribution from him. And a year later, he got lost in the Mediterranean on way to Europe. With all dreams shattered, they have now plunged into a cycle of poverty.
  • Made with love and care

    Potters in Madaripur district are busy preparing for the upcoming Pahela Baishakh, the first day of Bangla year.
  • Soul of resilience

    After Marjia Rabbani Shashi finished her arguments in court on New Year's Day, her first day at court as a lawyer, the judge acquitted the man she was defending.
  • Woman sells newspapers to survive with family

    A 28-year-old woman carrying newspapers on her bicycle and going from door to door to deliver those in different areas is a common sight in Rajbari town every day.
  • Rivers of fish

    The waterways in Madaripur's Shibchar upazila are proving to be an unexpected blessing for local fish farmers. Tilapia cultivation in rivers and waterholes is increasingly popular, with over 450 floating cages already taking advantage of this innovative and low-cost farming method.