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  • Suzit Kumar Das

  • Raw jute prices hit new high

    Raw jute prices hit a new high as the natural fibre traded for as much as Tk 5,300 per maund (one maund equals 37 kilogrammes) at local markets in Faridpur, the biggest producing district, as supply shortage became acute.
  • Tricked, sold to a pimp for Tk 20,000

    After her father died, around two years ago, Rimu came to the capital from Jamalpur and started working at a readymade garment factory.
  • Jute prices go thru the roof

    Jute prices have doubled to hit Tk 4,000-4,200 a maund in Faridpur, the biggest grower of the fibre in Bangladesh.
  • Indomitable: Faridpur man bounces back even after losing both arms

    Even after losing both his arms in an accident, Kamrul Sheikh, 34, used the sheer power of will and determination to bounce back and change his own fate.
  • RK Metal: from rags to riches

    Paritos Kumar Malo, the proprietor of RK Metal, has shown that with a little determination and courage, anyone can go from humble beginnings to a real-life success story.