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  • Smruti S Pattanaik

    The writer is Research Fellow, IDSA.

  • Maldives: Political trouble in the nascent democracy

    Judicial decisions have become arbitrary since the last presidential election when the court interfered in the process and suspended the Election Commission and the Deputy Election Commission. Contempt of Court is used as a tool to silence those who criticise the judiciary's proactive policy and its open siding with the government. A bill criminalising defamation was passed by the parliament undermining free speech and media freedom.
  • Addressing the intractable issue

    Addressing the intractable issue

    It has been a year since Nepal promulgated its republican Constitution on September 20 last year. Yet, its painful transition to a stable republic is far from over. Though some factions of the Madhesi parties are part of the government, there are others who continue to remain outside the government.
  • Turning a new leaf in Indo-US relations

    Turning a new leaf in Indo-US relations

    The Strategic Community in India is strongly wedded to the concept of strategic autonomy in India's foreign policy. However, signing of the LEMOA and various terms and condition enshrined in it only upholds India's emphasis on strategic autonomy.
  • The Tale of Two Oath Takings

    A work permit system for those who want to work in India is the need of the hour. India, in consultation with Bangladesh, needs to work out a system which allows the workers to work and remit their money through legal channels and ensure that they are not being exploited.
  • How to read the State Assembly elections results in India?

    The recent elections to four Indian states and one union territory are being interpreted by many as the march of the BJP and the decline of the Congress party.