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  • Shykh Seraj

    Shykh Seraj

    Shykh Seraj is Bangladesh's pioneer development journalist. He received country's two highest civilian honours, Swadhinata Puroshkar and Ekushey Padak, respectively. He is an Ashoka and Bangla Academy Fellow. He also received highest award for agricultural journalism from the United Nations, FAO A.H. Boerma Award, Gusi Peace Prize (Philippines) and many other prestigious accolades at home and abroad. At Channel i, he's the Founder Director and Head of News. He's also Director and Host of Channel i's popular agro-documentary, Hridoye Mati O Manush.

  • Mobile application helps farmers practice farming in a modern way

    Farmers are the closest to nature. They try to understand the language of nature by using their age-old indigenous experience. Based on which they try to organise their farming strategy. It is not flawless though. Sometimes they lose everything to nature's hostility as they face the harsh and adverse impacts of climate change. Even then, fighting against nature, farmers manage to grow crops for survival.
  • 'Organic village' of female farmers

    This year's theme of International Women's Day -- “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change” aptly fits with the achievement of
  • Diverse foreign cattle species in Bangladeshi farm

    My deepest reverence to the language martyrs. Without them Bangla would not be our state language and we wouldn't have achieved the global recognition of Ekushey February (February 21) as International Mother Language Day.
  • Baukul boon for young farmer

    In this country of six seasons, in the span of a couple years, autumn and winter are on the verge of extinction. Everyone of us are aware of it. From the early 80's onwards, I go to fields regularly.
  • Country's first digital livestock management

    In 2015, I was amazed when I visited De Marke, Netherlands. De Marke is a dairy research farm that researches and demonstrates