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  • Paradise Papers: Mintoo family named

    The Paradise Papers leak has revealed that businessman and BNP Vice Chairman Abdul Awal Mintoo had registered his energy company NFM Energy Ltd in tax haven Bermuda on August 9, 1999—just around the time when the American company Unocal had given him a small share to help “troubleshoot” its local business.
  • LNG to end gas crisis

    Imported LNG to end gas crisis

    Good news: Annual Import of US$3 billion Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is to ease the decades-long gas crisis of the country. Import will start in April, 2018 and by October more than one third of the country's gas needs would be imported in the form of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).
  • Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

    Why do we need nuclear power?

    There are concerns around the world about taking up nuclear power projects, especially from the safety and large-scale upfront investment aspects. And for Bangladesh, there is a concern that since we are a densely populated country, a nuclear accident would be a massive disaster for us.
  • Excise duty on savings: How ethical is it?

    The government is finding new ways to increase its revenue every year as the economy is getting bigger.
  • Gas burner

    Gas price may rise as LNG import starts next year

    Lagging five years behind schedule, the government is finally expecting to import Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Qatar from the end of next year to meet Bangladesh's never-ending gas supply shortfall.