Shanjida Nowshin Chowdhury

Dhaka (2007-)

I was nine years of age the first time I set eyes on a Dhaka street. I received my first welcome from a group of beggars tapping on my car window.

Jennette McCurdy explores grief in its most complex form

In many ways, McCurdy’s story is not so different from the classic tale of almost every other Hollywood child star with a stage mother who indulges in her dose of fame by living vicariously through her children. But what makes this particular narrative stand out among the rest is McCurdy’s unwavering devotion to honesty even in moments that are difficult to read, let alone write.

Why Haruki Murakami resonates with young readers

Haruki Murakami is perhaps one of the most celebrated and well known writers of not only Japan but all of contemporary literature. His writing is humorous, hypnotic,