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  • Shamsad Mortuza

    Shamsad Mortuza is the Pro VC, and the Head of the Department of English and Humanities at University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

  • To send or not to send

    Crew members in flights to/from Dhaka are known for being notoriously rude, especially in routes that carry our migrant workers. The attendants in these flights bring out their ring-master selves to harness the feral passengers.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best of all?

    If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to post about it on Facebook, has the tree really fallen? The moment an image is posted on Facebook (or any other social media),
  • Miscarried justice and wrongful convictions

    Why didn’t Hamlet kill Claudius soon after learning about his uncle’s involvement in the murder of his father? In Greek or Roman tragedy that would have been the accepted norm. Even the vengeful God of the Old Testament would have endorsed a similar action.
  • Home of all lost causes

    Matthew Arnold famously called Oxford University a “home of lost causes, and forsaken beliefs, and unpopular names, and impossible loyalties!”
  • Are we fine with the fine?

    Desperate times require desperate measures. The Road Transport Act 2018 was endorsed by the Cabinet Division on August 6, 2018 on the heels of the nationwide student protest that