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  • Rooftop Gardening: Making Dhaka green again

    Against the backdrop of a generation growing up in a dusty city that is fast losing its green, open spaces and is frequently topping the
  • Evicted Hajaribagh sweepers face uncertainty

    The 'untouchable' sweeper community in Dhaka's Hajaribagh is facing uncertainty with fear of eviction hanging over their head. Hundreds of families have already been evicted in city corporation's drive. Others still remaining in buildings yet to be brought down are living in fear.
  • Helping little ones breathe

    Zarif holds the mask and sits patiently for around ten minutes for the liquid asthma medicine to convert into a breathable mist.
  • Sromik Jigyasha: Legal aid at RMG workers' fingertips

    A ready-made garment worker, Rekha was informed that some of her colleagues had been fired from the factory in Tejgaon without any prior notice. They were asked to leave without salaries.
  • Traditional stoves causing lung cancer in women

    Traditional stoves causing lung cancer in women

    Ayena was trying to be as quick as possible, adding woodchips to the flame under a clay cooking stove by a roadside in the capital's Rampura. A crowd of half a dozen people was waiting for her to deliver the pithas (a kind of cake).