Shadma Malik

For safe consumption, rainwater needs proper harvesting

From ancient to modern times, harvesting rainwater has always been a backup plan to meet water needs.

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022: Time to put policy into action

Menstruation or period is a natural phenomenon for women of reproductive age and indicates a healthy life. Yet, many people—both men and women—consider the monthly period cycle as an illness.

Grooming industry in an anxious wait

The existential question confronting many right now: how do you look put together when even simple grooming could spread the virus?

Rooftop Gardening: Making Dhaka green again

Against the backdrop of a generation growing up in a dusty city that is fast losing its green, open spaces and is frequently topping the

Evicted Hajaribagh sweepers face uncertainty

The 'untouchable' sweeper community in Dhaka's Hajaribagh is facing uncertainty with fear of eviction hanging over their head. Hundreds of families have already been evicted in city corporation's drive. Others still remaining in buildings yet to be brought down are living in fear.

Helping little ones breathe

Zarif holds the mask and sits patiently for around ten minutes for the liquid asthma medicine to convert into a breathable mist.

Sromik Jigyasha: Legal aid at RMG workers' fingertips

A ready-made garment worker, Rekha was informed that some of her colleagues had been fired from the factory in Tejgaon without any prior notice. They were asked to leave without salaries.

Traditional stoves causing lung cancer in women

Ayena was trying to be as quick as possible, adding woodchips to the flame under a clay cooking stove by a roadside in the capital's Rampura. A crowd of half a dozen people was waiting for her to deliver the pithas (a kind of cake).

Social challenges hold back women's economic participation

Social challenges have held back women's economic participation over the last decade, despite headway made in education, training, entrepreneurship, and jobs overseas.

Health insurance brings smile to RMG workers

Garment worker Mira breathed a sigh of relief when she learnt last November that she would no longer have to bear her healthcare bills.

End of a nightmare

Two minors engaged in forced labour in Dubai have been rescued by Bangladesh National Women Lawyers' Association (BNWLA).

A godsend for working mothers

Riyas wakes up early every day, eats his breakfast, and then heads to “Phulki” in the capital's Mirpur. Once there, he greets his friends and supervisor, then quickly gets on to business at hand: running in circles, building castles out of blocks, and herding a menagerie of stuffed animals.

Poor healthcare plagues RMG units

Four months into her pregnancy, Tahmina, 35, found herself under constant stress as she tried to meet the production quota in the RMG factory in Tejgaon where she had been working for the last four years.

Big bucks out of animal discards

Forty-year-old Abu Kalam dug into the towering garbage pile in search of bones at the landfill in the capital's Matuail. He seemed unperturbed by the foul smell which had perhaps taken a backseat to the money he could earn by selling discarded animal parts.

Attention they deserve some

It was a moment of pride when Parimal Kumar Das got his autistic son's SSC results this year, but memories of being turned down by other schools flashed through his mind.

A step forward for menstrual hygiene

Mansura Akhter Panna, 30, often recalls her dreadful days of menstruation when she entered puberty.

Taking care of the urban poor's health

A young girl with some documents in her hands sat in the waiting room of Nagar Shastho Kendra in the capital's Meradia.

Not a lonely fight, anymore

Shahana Chowdhury kept going back to the story of her 25-year-old son’s recent Hong Kong visit and repeatedly said how proud she was to have seen her autistic child along with 10 others win the best performance award in a cultural programme there. Her excitement was mixed with gratitude for Begum Nur Jahan Dipa, special educator at the Parents Forum for the Differently Able (PFDA)-Vocational Training Centre, who made it possible.

The spectre of online sexual harassment

Yeanur Rahman came to Dhaka with big dreams. She studied hard, aced her final exams maintaining a good GPA and got admitted into a public university in the capital. Things were going exactly as she had envisioned. Better yet, the freshman thought she had fallen in love with someone in her very first year.

Nuclear Medicine Instt gets cancer detection device

With an aim to detect cancer at its primary stage, the Nuclear Medicine Institute (NMI) is going to install a PET/CT scanner from early January next year.

Relief with tap on app

On a busy September evening last year, Limana Solaiman, a private service holder, waited at Kakoli in the capital for about one and a half hours to hail an auto-rickshaw home.

Lukewarm response to nurses' new uniforms

The government decision to change the nurses' uniform is being implemented slowly as the majority of the health care providers are reluctant to take up their new attire.

Surgery patients overrun Nitor

Patients had to queue up and wait long hours to undergo surgery at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic

Govt Hospitals on Eid Holidays: Many patients released

Eight-year-old Hridoy had a surgery at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital two weeks ago after he had suffered severe injuries to his abdomen while swimming in the Gournadi, Barisal.

An initiative to enhance quality of teaching

The Green University of Bangladesh has launched a faculty development programme aiming to improve teaching quality and motivate teachers to conduct research.

Hoping for the best

Watching a baby crawl across the floor is probably the best sight to behold for parents. But Shahida and Raju Mia, a couple from Gaibandha, are deprived of it, as Shahida last year gave birth to conjoined twins, who could hardly move as per their wish let alone crawl on the floor.

Too much to bear

Every time he left Dhaka Shishu Hospital, his parents would have a feeling that their son recovered completely.

Of a mother of 40 children

A mother she is of 40 children. She has not given birth to them but that doesn't make any less satisfactory the motherhood she tastes when she prepares food for them, gets them ready for school, holds them with affection as they fall sick and tells them stories in bed before sleep.