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  • Traditional stoves causing lung cancer in women

    Traditional stoves causing lung cancer in women

    Ayena was trying to be as quick as possible, adding woodchips to the flame under a clay cooking stove by a roadside in the capital's Rampura. A crowd of half a dozen people was waiting for her to deliver the pithas (a kind of cake).
  • Social challenges hold back women's economic participation

    Social challenges have held back women's economic participation over the last decade, despite headway made in education, training, entrepreneurship, and jobs overseas.
  • Health insurance brings smile to RMG workers

    Garment worker Mira breathed a sigh of relief when she learnt last November that she would no longer have to bear her healthcare bills.
  • End of a nightmare

    Two minors engaged in forced labour in Dubai have been rescued by Bangladesh National Women Lawyers' Association (BNWLA).
  • A godsend for working mothers

    Riyas wakes up early every day, eats his breakfast, and then heads to “Phulki” in the capital's Mirpur. Once there, he greets his friends and supervisor, then quickly gets on to business at hand: running in circles, building castles out of blocks, and herding a menagerie of stuffed animals.