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  • Selina Mohsin

    The writer is a former ambassador.

  • In pursuit of 'Naya Pakistan'

    Imran Khan's first speech to the nation after taking office as Pakistan's prime minister was impressive in its range of reforming ambition.
  • Widening cracks in Europe

    There is an ancient Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”—interesting as opposed to blessed periods of peace and tranquillity. In this sense, Europe is certainly interesting these days. Its cracks are beginning to multiply and widen ominously.
  • Vladimir Putin

    Where is Putin leading Russia?

    When Vladimir Putin was inaugurated in 2000 as president for his first term in office, he inherited a Russia shrunken by the collapse of the Soviet Union with an economy left in disorder by President Yeltsin. State assets had been seized by a new class of oligarchs while ordinary Russians found pensions unpaid.
  • Can Modi remake India?

    Narendra Modi is a powerful phenomenon in Indian politics. Though he is not part of the traditional elites, either by caste or education, he has enormous energy.
  • Ecological havoc in Dhaka

    Dhaka is faced with many direct threats to biodiversity with accelerating economic development, growing population, land grabbing, congested housing, tree felling, and vehicles emitting toxic fumes leading to extreme pollution and poor quality of life.