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  • Mrinal Sen & his “Post-Mortem” of the Postcolonial Bengali Middle-Class

    I first watched Mrinal Sen's Interview (1971) during my undergrad years in an attempt to watch as many “intellectual” films from the campus library as I could.
  • The global showcase of films

    The last trimester of the calendar year is possibly the most exciting time for film lovers—prestige release season! The season opens with Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which has premiered and showcased contenders such as La La Land, The Imitation Game, and Room.
  • Viewership in review

    As you enter one of the inner rooms of Shilpakala's Gallery-1, you notice a television with a tap attached to its screen.
  • The state of printmaking in Bangladesh

    The tradition of printmaking has a longstanding history in Bangladesh, and in South Asia. Though the technique originated in China, printmaking quickly became a popular mode of artistic reproduction in the subcontinent. Woodblocks dabbed in paint, for example, were used to stamp patterns on fabrics—a design form known as “block print”.
  • Age of innocence - news discourse surrounding a students' movement

    “They should have taken our demands seriously, but they didn't," Imran Ahmed, a protesting student, told Al Jazeera on August 3, the fifth day of mass student protests demanding safe roads.