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  • Bangladesh’s stronghold on Filmbazar India

    Film Bazaar India, South Asia’s largest film market, has seen unprecedented success for Bangladeshi filmmakers this year. Out of 234 films displayed, 25 films were highlighted as ‘recommended’ films. Among these, four films were Bangladeshi –
  • No Land’s Man

    It is, indeed telling when a film is awarded even before it’s pre-production stages. In 2014, No Land’s Man was awarded the Script Development fund in the Motion Picture Association of America and Asia Pacific Screen Awards, while being a part of the Asian Project Market at Busan.
  • The Junoon lives on

    It is an honour to be able to interview the biggest names in the Asian music scene. How does it feel to be here in the Dhaka International Folk Festival?
  • Farooque Bhai Project’s ‘Golapi’ dreams

    Farooque Bhai Project, helmed by talented funk-pop artist Issa Nibras Farooque, has captured the adoration of the ever-growing indie fan base in Bangladesh. Golapi, an upbeat pop song with a hilariously funny music video, was released by the project yesterday, and was instantly viral on social media.
  • A look into Ash Fahim’s music endeavours

    Ashique M Fahim, from the band Ash Ravens, is a Bangladeshi Australia-based musician, adept at playing a vast array of genres. ‘Tomar Gaan’, his tribute song to the great Ayub Bachchu, was released recently.