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  • Star Melodies’ riveting presentation of ‘Emon Diney Tarey Bola Jai… Srabon Shondha-e’

    In the midst of monsoon, five noted singers – Mahadeb Ghose, Priyanka Gope, Shimu Dey, Md Yousuf Ahmed Khan and Shukonna Mazumder Ghosh – brought down showers of encapsulating melodies in Emon Diney Tarey Bola Jai…
  • Ifaz Abrar Reza

    One of the most talented upcoming guitarists of the new generation, Ifaz Abrar Reza plays for Shrapnel Method, Arekta Rock band, as well as his own solo project.
  • In conversation with Emily Hughes

    Arranged by British Council Bangladesh, Drawing Words is an exhibition that features ten illustrators from across the UK, whose works play an important role in the contemporary British picture book illustration sector.
  • An ‘Easier’ debut for DAMEER

    18 year old Dameer Khan, son of seasoned musician Pilu Khan, made news when he signed up for Majestic Causal Records, a mainstream German label.
  • “Speaking at the UN will be my greatest achievement” - Sheena Chohan

    Crowned ‘Miss Kolkata’ while still in high school, Sheena Chohan went on to participate in Miss Universe, and subsequently made a notable career in film and television. She was recently awarded the prestigious Human Rights Hero Award at the United Nations in New York, for her work enlightening more than 36 million people about their Human Rights. The Daily Star caught up with the renowned actor for an exclusive interview.