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  • Tasnova Elvin

    Tasnova Elvin began her journey in showbiz as a finalist in Lux Channel i Superstar 2010, but soon broke out as an actor with her
  • Dhikkar Amay – Gods Must Be Crazy

    A large portion of the audience of rock music today is left relatively uncatered to- ones I would like to call 'nostalgia-mongers.' There are a lot of people who just want pure, unadulterated hard-rock, much like the days when Artcell reigned supreme and underground concerts were still 'in'.

    In a noble initiative, Bangladesh Musical Bands Association (BAMBA) has partnered up with the Ministry of Social Welfare and PFDA – Vocational Training Center to arrange a stellar concert on September 28. The concert will raise awareness for autism, which is a commonly neglected phenomenon in Bangladesh.
  • Where passion meets direction

    Films, video games and satire- these are three elements that embody Rahat Rahman. You may know him through his amazing work in his YouTube Channel. However, he has also been massively successful in mainstream media through ad-making and some very well-received telefilms.
  • 700 TAKA: A quirky and charming tribute to young love

    'Relatable' - a label that every director wants on their project, while some others try their best to tag this to the most outlandish of genres. However, Nuhash Humayun's latest short on iflix, 700 Taka, is 'relatable' done right.