Noshin Saiyara

Tech sitcoms that you should binge

Tech comedy has gained massive popularity in the mainstream media, alongside the rise of big tech. The most popular ones are about science fiction served with nihilist humour, struggles of a tech start-up, and general day to day struggles of IT guys in a regular office environment.

Hidden Sci-Fi gems to stream on Netflix

Netflix has more shows available than you finish watching in a lifetime. Science fiction is one of the most popular genres on Netflix, and Black Mirror directors refuse to release a new season as they think the world of Covid-19 is not ready for a new season of the show. So here are a few hidden sci-fi gems you should stream as you continue to stay home and stay safe.

Tools for educators as education turns digital

As educational services make a shift to become online, teachers and tutors are trying to adjust to the online methods of teaching & learning.

Will Alexa take my job away?

The conversational AI industry is predicted to reach a value of $15 billion by 2024 according to a recent study by P&S Intelligence. The AI solutions' services are not limited to mere chatbots anymore and are expanding to all sorts of different services that involve communication and administrative assistance, call centre jobs and many more.

LinkedIn skill assessments to prove you are not lying about your skills

LinkedIn skill badges are a great way to make yourself desirable in a job market that is becoming more and more digital every day.

Big tech’s big shift to renewable energy

Global corporations have managed to buy enough clean energy in the last 12 years that will surpass the total energy production capacities of small countries like Poland or Vietnam. This helps them expand digital cloud-based services without murdering the planet. Is it all for the good of the environment? Not necessarily.

3 apps that help you support a greener earth

3 apps that can help you help the environment without going out in the wild

Sealing the deal with partnerships

Dhaka’s booming scene of online businesses & freelance modelling is a good indicator of how our economy is moving steadily towards e-commerce more and more every day.

Hiring education consultancy agencies

Application to foreign universities can be daunting and students often rely on agencies to guide them through the process. From researching scholarship opportunities to visa applications, they promise to assist students along the way.

The myth of self-growth books

Students and professionals are always in the quest to improving their lifestyles. Life coaches have managed to build a million-dollar

Ways to store information from online reading

Remembering information is not easy in a world of 24-hour news cycles. Assignments, term papers, research, etc. make us surf the internet at a high rate, often leaving us with little time to consume the information we are reading. Here are a few methods that can be used to store information effectively.

Facebook launches high definition area map for Asia Pacific region

Facebook recently unveiled the launch of their new and exclusive high definition area map in a small session with journalists in Dhaka.

The myth of communication skills

It is considered to be common knowledge that extroverts are great communicators. Interpolating from that, it is widely believed that

Connecting yourself to research opportunities beyond borders

Opportunities to pursue independent research in this country are quite rare. Lacking in structural and monetary support for academic activities, educational institutions here are not very helpful for students who wish to conduct independent research in their chosen fields.

Four things to help you follow your daily routine

If you don’t make a routine customised to your needs, you are not going to follow it. Here are a few things disciplined individuals follow that you can try to make your life more organised.

Preparing for higher study abroad as a fresher

As you step into the shoes of a freshman in university, life seems confusing for most. But some of us are determined to receive a master’s degree from a highly-ranked university that is located in a foreign land,

Why you should take management courses as a non-business major

Companies and firms nowadays prefer students with interdisciplinary course arrangements. Studies show that students with a more diverse order of courses perform better in corporate culture as they are better equipped to handle different crises at once.

Xtra by Aplectrum

Aplectrum Solutions started its journey with a vision to become a premium name in software industry of Bangladesh.


Journalist Meet & Q/A session organized by Maces Bangladesh on March 1st at The Daily Star Centre, was a meet and greet between journalists and representatives from the University of Nottingham and Queen Mary University of London.

Using the internet for research

Libraries are long-forgotten when it comes to research. Internet is everyone's preferred method because it's fast and accessible. But are you making optimum use of your favourite search engine?

Why you should learn how to code

In a fast growing economy like Bangladesh's, reliance upon IT industry is increasing every day.