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  • Noshin Noorjahan

  • Opt for a healthy life to fight diabetes

    The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in Bangladesh is increasing rapidly. The country ranks second among South Asian nations with the highest number of diabetic adults. Previously known to afflict only the affluent, diabetes is now a health concern among the rural population as well.
  • Preparing students for the 21st century

    As a young country, Bangladesh takes pride in numerous major developments that have taken place over the years. However, when co-curricular activities and skills development are considered of great importance globally, Bangladesh's education falls behind with its redundant emphasis on theoretical and bookish knowledge.
  • For a healthy heart

    Is your heart hurting?
  • Growth momentum building up

    Since its inception in 1958, Bangladesh's ceramics industry has proven to be a promising sector for the country's growth and
  • Why we need to talk about mental health and menstruation

    She feels energetic and determined to do all her work. She has got the urge to work hard and give her best. She is proactive about her submissions and feels confident about her ideas. Her performance chart has reached its peak and she has never felt so positive.