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  • Nighat Ara

    Psychiatrist, Counsellor and Therapist

  • Childhood romances: The two sides of the same coin

    Childhood romance has bitter sweet aspects to it. By childhood, I mean age groups of young children, preadolescents, pre-teens and early teens.
  • Addiction, love and recovery

    Substance abuse disorder can destroy different areas of life in various degrees, depending on the nature and extent of the disease.
  • What's in a wedding?

    Traditionally, the celebration of a union of two lives, weddings can have religious (nikah), social (receptions), and cultural (holud) aspects, at times, with an added financial one (dowry!), depending on the families involved.
  • Impacts of excessive sadness

    Humans are emotional beings, meaning that a wide range of emotions are normal in human experiences, some of which are called negative emotions and some are called positive, depending on the kind of physiological response it evokes.
  • Lessons on morality

    Morality is a heavily loaded contentious topic. We can explore it carefully to examine its benefits and drawbacks at individual, community or social level.