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  • Nashid Kamal

    The writer is an academic, Nazrul exponent and writer.

  • A man who's a mentor to many

    Harold Rasheed went to Wales for his schooling, he stayed in a boarding school all his life. He and his wife Shampa Reza were decided that their sons were not to be sent off to boarding schools. With his sister Leapie on board , thus started the school in Sylhet named AnadaNiketan. The students were their two sons, Leapie's daughter and Ryan and Shameem's son Sabeth. By year 2001 Anadaniketan was well established as a school in Sylhet.
  • Professor Dr. Halima Khatun

    Third of July 2018 was a sad day in the lives of the Bangladeshis. It lost one of its national figures, Professor Dr. Halima Khatun, a language movement soldier. August 25 marks her birthday, she was born in the year 1933.
  • Twenty years of Bongo Mela, USA

    Twenty years is indeed a long time to continue an organization and take all the leading roles, specially in North America where life is a rat race. Even in that race, someone wins, someone stays in the fast lane to take the right exit and reach the destination in mind.
  • Afia Dil of San Diego

    Association with Professor Afia Dil dates back to August of 1947, when Abbasuddin Ahmed had migrated to erstwhile East Pakistan. He had rented the home of Afia's mom, Safura Begum, a pioneer of women's education herself.
  • Nazrul Teertho in Kolkata

    After returning from World War II the famous poet Kazi Nazrul Islam resided in Kolkata and neighboring areas till 1972. It was his seat of work, his city of fame. In 2014, the West Bengal Government built an archive in the name of Nazrul Islam. The Urdu phrase that comes to my mind when I see this memorial structure titled `Nazrul Teertho' is: Der se, durast se.