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  • Nashid Kamal

    The writer is an academic, Nazrul exponent and writer.

  • Italy beckons Bangladeshis

    Ten years' back my two daughters and I took a vacation to Venice, Italy. I was the only earning member, both girls were students.
  • Music for therapy

    Samia Mahbub Ahmad, a beautiful lady sang with us on the same stage in the Nazrul Mela held in Washington DC in September 2018. I had listened to her twice before, once in the Omni auditorium and another time in the Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre (IGCC), on both counts in Dhaka.
  • Dreams do come true!

    For some, dreams come true whilst for some, they don't. Take for example, my own self. As a child, I watched a procession of cinema actresses entering our house and leaving them.
  • Farzeen Huq

    Farzeen Huq is my friend from Holy Cross school days, 1970 to be exact. We were catching up in London where she lives, I admired her beautiful garden and every corner of her home had an exquisite piece of furniture which caught my fancy.
  • Archiva

    It was around the year 2003, Indian crooner Anuradha Padwal was going to have a live performance in the prestigious Dhaka Club and I was to host the show.