Narmin Tartila Banu | The Daily Star
  • Narmin Tartila Banu

    The writer is a lecturer at the School of Business and Economics, North South University.

  • An issue of less importance

    Research indicates that children facing abuse at home or exposed to parental alcoholism and dispute are more likely to engage in animal cruelty.
  • The ignorant educated

    By containing the education within an academic setting, we are educating students without really educating them. The misdemeanour is a symptom which in a few years is likely to culminate to, amongst other things, violence against household members.
  • Rise of the land of entrepreneurs

    The simple answer to the question, “What do you do”, could really make a lot of difference.
  • Sherlock Holmes of the internet

    On average, a Bangladeshi digital consumer spends about 5.6 hours every day on social media and browsing the internet, while they spend 1.6 and 2 hours reading newspapers and watching television respectively.