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    Journalist at The Daily Star

  • Changing the way we think about poverty and development

    There are some words in the popular lexicon that we hear and read about every day but very few appreciate or understand the depth of these words. “Development” and “poverty” are two good examples.
  • The crumbling pillars of the fourth estate

    The year 2018 was not a good one for journalists, to put it mildly. According to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), at least 63 professional journalists were killed around the world in 2018, a marked increase by 15 percent since 2017.
  • Basic wage as a proportion of total wage for RMG workers has been falling

    Dr Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Research Director, Centre for Policy Dialogue, talks to Nahela Nowshin of The Daily Star about the recent demonstrations of RMG workers and the underlying reasons behind them.
  • Unjustified restrictions on media and observers

    A number of extraordi-nary restrictions have been placed on journalists by the Election Commission ahead of Election Day and the extent to which the media can cover the election on December 30 remains unclear.
  • Aritry's deafening cry for help

    Aritry Adhikary—a young life cut tragically short. Her parents probably had never imagined that their daughter would make headlines for the reasons that she did.