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  • Nahela Nowshin

    Journalist at The Daily Star

  • A recipe for a public health disaster

    Going by numerous recent news reports, we have good reason to be worried about the state of food safety in the country.
  • Development for whom?

    A particular finding in the latest Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) blows the illusion of GDP growth being the “be all and end all” of development into smithereens.
  • Waiting to be heard

    Contrary to popular belief, it's not entitlement or narcissism or laziness that defines millennials. If anything, it's probably a sense of disillusionment that's a defining characteristic of this generation.
  • Dr AFM Saiful Amin

    How can we make our buildings safe?

    Defiance of the BNBC stems from the ways that it can provide immediate benefit to owners and often the users and the developers of buildings. For example, rules are violated to achieve maximum use of space when land itself is costly.
  • Banani Fire victim

    Living in a minefield of manmade disasters

    I was at the canteen during lunch hours at my workplace on Thursday when I found out about the fire in FR Tower. Everyone's eyes were fixated on the TV.