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  • Mythbuster: Circulating accurate information regarding coronavirus through games

    Misinformation is a way more complicated problem when it comes to dealing with any sort of crisis like the Corona pandemic that we are currently going through. When it comes to a country like ours where people still have a long way to go in terms of distinguishing between facts and myths, things can get even tougher. People focus more on chewing Thankuni leaves and less on hygiene and washing their hands frequently to prevent the disease.
  • Political films in Bengali: The legacy of Satyajit, Ritwik, and Mrinal

    A political film can be described as an instrument that kindles consciousness in the viewer about the injustice and exploitation prevailing in society. The making of a political film depends on the freedom of expression that a filmmaker has. Political films can be differentiated from purely historical films in the sense that political films make way for self-criticism of the viewer. It essentially differs from a propaganda film, because it involves taking a stance, which usually implies standing with the oppressed.
  • Did we hit a digital landmark through DCC Mayoral Elections 2020?

    The Mayoral elections of the Dhaka City Corporations in 2020 is the first election in Bangladesh where all the polling centres of the city ran the voting procedures with EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines).
  • Activism in the age of technology and social media

    Just when the news of a Dhaka University student getting raped in the capital was taking the country by storm, a group of students of the university came up with a unique way to protest and demand for justice.
  • Three apps to prepare you for the GRE

    GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a prerequisite exam for those who want to go for higher studies in a range of universities in the US and in some of the most prestigious universities in Canada and Australia.