• Bollywood’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’: Okay? Not Okay?

    When The Fault in Our Stars (2012) first released, it brought on a powerful surge of change, not only in our reading lists, but in our perception of terminal and mental diseases and even to the genre itself.
  • A Look into Standardised Tests

    Having one test that provides the same questions, conditions and most importantly, grading system aides admissions officers immensely by successfully bringing all applicants under the same roof. At least, on paper.
  • Shorolipi

    Lipi runs and runs, determined to get as far away from where she started as possible. She could feel all her pain infuse into her tears and stream violently down her face, subsiding that sunken feeling in her chest.
  • Nox Caelo

    You're so annoying sometimes. Sorry, we do not use negativity towards ourselves. I'm sorry, I did not mean that. You're a wonderful person. Please grab a rag. We need to meditate.
  • Judging a Book By Its Cover

    There is always more to this than meets the eye. And often, the final judgement may be clouded.