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  • Naadir Junaid

    The writer is Professor, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Dhaka.

  • Dreams devoured: The tragic disappearance of Zahir Raihan

    Eminent novelist and filmmaker Zahir Raihan left for Kolkata after the Pakistani military crackdown in Dhaka on March 25, 1971.
  • The misdeed of masquerading as a Muktijoddha

    Bangladesh emerged as an independent nation through the unconditional surrender of the Pakistani army to the joint command of Bangladesh and Indian forces on December 16, 1971.
  • Looking at the November coups through a neutral lens

    Newspaper articles published on the military coups held in Dhaka in November 1975 are often coloured by the authors’ political standpoints and ideologies.
  • How respectful are we of the ideals of Liberation War?

    In 1971, the Pakistani military junta wanted to prevent Bengalis of then East Pakistan from pursuing their just demands by using brute force.
  • Destroyed, but not defeated

    It is said that in times of peace, sons bury their fathers, but in war, it is the fathers who bury their sons. On August 29, 1971, the Pakistani army caught Bodiul Alam (Bodi), Shafi Imam (Rumi), Abdul Halim Chowdhury (Jewel) and Magfar Ahmed Chowdhury (Azad) in Dhaka city. They were the members of a guerrilla unit of Mukti Bahini.