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  • Muhammad Nurul Huda

    The writer is a columnist of The Daily Star.

  • Some thoughts on the anti-narcotics drive

    Multiple deaths occurr-ing during the ongoing anti-narcotics operations have given rise to sharp reactions. While some quarters feel that the government of the day has seized of the gravity of the drug menace, others take a very critical view by saying that the authorities have indulged in rambling actions without seriously venturing to grasp the root of the malaise and adequately punish the masterminds. Some critics would doubt the very credibility of the
  • How relevant is the existing quota system?

    The recent demonstra-tions by students demanding an end to the existing Bangladesh Civil Service quota system in the recruitment process deserve urgent attention of the government. The rationale for the introduction of the quota system had its roots in the policy for recruitment to public service that was adopted in September 1972.
  • Coping with the cops

    Recent events relating to the serious wrongdoings of law enforcers may prompt the wary public to conclude that the misdeeds and gross dereliction of duties by our policemen have become a pathetic, recurrent reality and that nothing much can be done to change the situation.
  • POLICE RECRUITMENT: The worrisome abdication of power

    It was quite surprising to read the report that some senior police officers had proposed the suspension of their regulatory powers of
  • Let’s start with accountability

    January 8 marks the beginning of the Police Week 2018. Like previous years, there would be solemn exhortations to enforce the law impartially and protect human rights in public interest.