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  • Muhammad Nurul Huda

    The writer is a columnist of The Daily Star.

  • Bangladesh Police in Liberation War

    The Armed Bengali Policemen of erstwhile East Pakistan, especially of Dhaka city endeared themselves greatly to the freedom-craving Bengali masses in the wake of the historic non-co-operation movement that commenced at the call of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in March 1971.
  • A daunting investigation

    November 3 shall remain as one of the most ignominious day in the annals of Bangladesh’s political history because on this day in 1975, four national leaders, undoubtedly some of the brilliant minds in our body politic, were most brutally murdered while in custody.
  • Ominous attack in Bhola and the imperatives

    In this newspaper it has been editorially observed that “circumstantial evidences gathered so far leave no doubt in our mind that the Bhola incident did not happen, i
  • Flashes of good governance

    It is quite often that we are reminded of the pre-eminent virtues of good governance. Academics and practitioners of all categories have not missed any opportunity to apprise that all our efforts for socio-economic development will be set at naught if we cannot ensure good governance. As of now, experts are telling us that our ambitious and forward-looking budget will not bear the desired fruit if we cannot ensure propriety and discipline in the actual expenditure process.
  • The worrisome delinquency of law enforcement officials

    In recent times, offences and excesses committed by some police officials have become a matter of grave concern for the citizens as well as the controlling authorities.