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  • Muhammad A Bashed

    Muhammad A Bashed is a member of the editorial team at The Daily Star.

  • The human and economic toll of gas leaks

    Narayanganj has become a hotbed of gas explosions. According to a report published by The Daily Star on March 21, 2021, a total of 15 villages comprising of 2,000 families are using giant balloons to preserve natural gas for household uses.
  • The menace of black smoke

    Brick kilns used to be considered the prime reason for air pollution in Dhaka city until a recent report by Dhaka University’s Air Quality Research and Monitoring Center identified black smoke and fumes from run-down vehicles as the top emitter, which is reportedly liable for 50 percent of the air pollution.
  • Expendable lives

    When we look at newspaper reports, what is the most common cause of mortality among Bangladeshis that we find? According to reports published in The Daily Star, road accidents killed at least 4,284 people and injured 9,112 others in 2017, while the figures were 3,412 and 8,572 respectively in 2016.
  • The Native Refugees

    Bangladesh has unique experiences with the term “refugee”. Over ten million Bengalis were evicted from their land by the Pakistani army and had to take shelter on Indian soil in 1971.
  • On the verge of historical amnesia

    It is a bewildering phenomenon to see the continuous onslaught on historical buildings that represent our heritage and our past.