Mokaram Hossain

Nature Quest: The firetree

I go for a photography outing whenever I can, frequenting Ramna Park the most, as it is closest to my house. Next to Ramna, lies the

Nature Quest: Blessings of Bohal

I escape from this concrete jungle called Dhaka whenever I can. Living in this unplanned city for a length of time renders one listless.

Nature Quest: Dhaira, the parasite shrub

I came across Dhaira for the first time on an old mango tree in my grandpa's place in my childhood. At that time I did not bother about

Nature Quest: Enchanting Swarnajhinti

While heading for Kakonhaat in the Barind region, we came across an eye-catching natural beauty just a few kilometres off Rajshahi city.

Nature Quest: Kamdeb, a rare, evergreen tree

I visited the National Botanical Garden in Mirpur more than once last year to take photographs of a few trees and flowers.

Nature Quest: The scented Sultanchampa

I first came across Sultanchampa around 17 years ago. I took a few snaps of the flowers on my manual camera, got it printed

Nature Quest: Rare 'Parul' spotted

After years of continuous search, I came to the conclusion that Parul no longer exists in our midst. “Will it remain untraced?” I

Nature Quest: The eye-catching foxtail orchid

Have you ever spotted this orchid in our evergreen rainforests? If not, keep a close watch on the branches and the trunks of the

Nature Quest: Delicate Dulichampa

I have heard about Dulichampa many times from Prof Dwijen Sharma. But the chance to see its picture came in April 2008. The

Nature Quest: Golden flower Kuchai

I have heard of Patharia hills in Moulvibazar's Borolekha from the numerous writings of Prof Dwijen Sharma. He had spent his

Nature Quest: Neelbanolata: eye-catching blue flower

I went to Madhupur in Tangail to see a garden of medical plants. The garden is located at Telki Bazar in the upazila. A road through the forest leads to this

Nature Quest: Charming beauty of tea flowers

Five years ago I came across the tea fruit for the first time. The roundish fruits look a bit like olives. The coolies in the tea garden helped me spot the fruits hiding behind the leaves. A little careful look around the garden revealed that they were almost everywhere.

Nature Quest: In quest of the Jewels of Haors

People say that we do not have the tradition of rose cultivation here in Bangladesh. The rose cultivation in our country is entirely a new phenomenon. The Middle Eastern or European countries are referred to as the origin of rose.

Nature Quest: The beauty of wild Ranggan

I have been to Aronnok quite a few times. It's a farmhouse close to the Ordinance Factory in Gazipur. This is one of the best farmhouses that I have seen in Bangladesh. This is neither a large garden nor a house -- it can rather be termed “a patch of dense forest.”

Nature Quest: The flower of a single day

As the summer sets in, I keep a watchful eye on the Padauk rows in the capital's High Court and Hare Road areas lest I should miss a treat.

Nature Quest: Palam in bloom

I came across Palam for the first time in the garden of the Botany Department at Dhaka University.