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  • Moinul Zaber

  • What are the priorities of the BTRC during the pandemic?

    The Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented havoc around the world. However, a crisis of this extent also creates opportunities to test and resolve issues that seem unsolvable at other times.
  • A spectacular spectrum auction vs. a thriving telecommunications marketplace

    On the eve of March 8, 2021, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) officials were smiling—the 2021 4G auction brought a lot of money to the public exchequer! After 81 rounds, the auction ended with USD 46.75 million/MHz for 15 years, making it a record in recent years.
  • Faceoff with Facebook: What have the regulators learned?

    Last week, the world media was flooded with the news of the faceoff between Facebook and the Australian parliament.
  • Man and Machine

    This column is about humans and the interactions that this intelligent mammal have with machines. Humans have been using tools since the dawn of civilisation.
  • Really smart cities ignore Smart City rankings

    September’s publication of the IMD Smart City Index 2020 led to the usual flurry of news reports with cities variously preening or wringing their hands at the results, such as Dhaka, Helsinki, and Budapest, to name just a few.