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  • Mirsharai waterfalls

    Tourist destination: 4 waterfalls of Mirsharai

    Even two years ago the Napittyachora village in Mirsharai upazila of Chittagong was rarely visited by outsiders. But now, several hundred tourists pay their visit on a daily basis.
  • Deaths in hills: Why and how

    Hill cutting for illegal establishments is one of the key reasons behind the recent series of landslides in Rangamati, the worst in a decade that killed at least 120 people. Even after the landslides, many such dangerous and risky establishments have been found in the district.
  • CCC 'cutting' hill to make road

    A large portion of a hill in South Khulshi area of port city has allegedly been razed under the direction of the Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) to make a road.
  • Tale of a hero who didn't just sit back

    He helped many save their lives on that fateful day but lost most of his family members. And finally, he himself died of injuries.
  • Supplies, prices not normal yet

    Four days after deadly landslides hit Rangamati killing at least 114 people, the supply of essentials, including food, was yet to become normal yesterday. Most of the daily essentials were still selling at higher prices despite market monitoring by the district administration. However, the prices were lower than they were in previous three days.