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  • Long-term care for recovered COVID-19 patients

    The COVID-19 is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS‑CoV‑2).
  • Post-dengue fever precautions

    Post-dengue precautions to avoid further complications

    In recent years, dengue has been a great public health concern worldwide. Most of the time it is seen that people are more aware of dengue when they are suffering from it than when they have recovered. This is because they are not concerned about post dengue complications which sometimes cause serious illnesses.
  • Is Paedophilia increasing in Bangladesh?

    A few days ago a seven-year-old girl was raped by an adult man. She was not the only victim of such crime.
  • A clock inside you!

    "Mon Amar Deho Ghori" a famous song sung by Fakir Alamgir might create a question in your mind, “Do I really have a clock inside of me?". Science says, yes, you have.