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  • Copyright protection in literary and artistic works

    Copyright law protects the interests of creators by giving them property rights over their creations against those who copy, reproduce or otherwise take or use the form in which the original work was expressed.
  • Digital payment system to boost up the operation of virtual courts

    The Covid-19 crisis has tremendously increased the use of internet and accelerated the digitalisation of many businesses and services through introducing teleworking and video conferencing in different sectors.
  • Trade based money laundering

    Money laundering and terrorist financing have become matters of grave concern around the world and with the developments in technology and inadequate legal frameworks, criminals are able to change their strategy on and off to divert the attention of law enforcement agencies to launder money and finance terrorism.
  • Data protection is rising on the global agenda

    In the age of information and communication technologies, the flow of information is fundamental to doing business in the global economy.
  • A case for adoption of cloud services and related legal framework

    Over the last few years, technology has advanced tremendously and cloud computing is regarded as one of the most significant innovations of the IT industry that provides potential opportunities for public and private business entities.