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  • Everyday examples for Management terms

    You realise that the person you are dating is terrible. Your mom, your friends, and your 6th grade Science teacher told you so.
  • How to start your day

    Morning comes and signals the beginning of a new day every time it arrives. How you spend your morning affects how you will feel the rest of the day.
  • A Pasta Recipe for Salty People

    Have you ever faced the excruciatingly painful and mind-numbingly annoying task of having to be a host to a salty person? Don't worry; we have just the recipe for you. Our pasta recipe is such that it can make this super salty person a more tolerable creature.
  • Honest Club Interview Answers

    Well, my academics might honestly suffer because I don't spend enough time on my studies anyway. If I have to dedicate time to the club, I will actually have less time to study. However that might not be so bad for I will feel like I have a valid excuse for my poor performance in academics.
  • Ways to evaluate your life

    If constant access to social media hasn't made you feel like a failure yet, knowing about Evaluate Your Life Day celebrated on the 19th of October will. But how do you exactly evaluate something like that? Well, there are ways.