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  • Rohingya children face harsh reality

    When much of the camp around her is still fast asleep, Radia, 12, wakes up at 5:00am and quickly buries herself in her Quran study. Throughout the day, she spends as much time as she can -- eight to ten hours daily -- memorising the Arabic texts.
  • Padma Bridge 'Graft Conspiracy': Flimsy evidence, flawed probe

    The Canadian police investigation in the Padma bridge corruption conspiracy case was essentially flawed and the allegations were based on nothing more than “gossip, speculation and rumour”.
  • Protest against US President Donald Trump

    Opinion: The ‘horrible mess’ Trump created

    Slamming the door shut on innocent people fleeing murderous men and machines from parts of the world which, in President Trump’s own words, is “in a horrible mess” defies everything America stands for.
  • Bangladesh gets UN recognition

    Even a decade ago, child mortality rate in the WHO South-East Asia region was the highest and maternal mortality rate second highest among the six regions of the world health body.
  • Bangladesh on track

    In its fight against neglected tropical diseases (NTD), Bangladesh remains on track in terms of treatment and elimination of Kala-azar and lymphatic filariasis, but it remains a potentially risk country for leprosy in the 11 nations of WHO South-East Asia region.