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  • Maisha Zaman

  • Making affordable housing a reality

    Ruhul Amin, 38, shifted to Dhaka from his hometown Khulna 12 years back in search of a better life. He now lives with his family of four people in a rented apartment with very limited facilities, in Mirpur.
  • Ride safe, ride smart

    Due to the absence of proper traffic management and adequate public transport facilities, Dhaka city dwellers continue to endure traffic jams. Motorcycle and ridesharing services have brought some relief to this situation. As a result, the demand for motorcycle is seeing a rapid rise.
  • Permeable concrete for sustainable construction

    Permeable concrete, also known as pervious concrete, is a special type of concrete which is high in porosity, thus making the infiltration of water into the ground easier. While regular concrete contains an admixture of coarse aggregate, sand and water, permeable concrete contains little or no sand in order to make it porous.
  • Samir K Saha

    'Overuse of antibiotics increases the risk of bacterial resistance'

    The major cause behind antibiotic resistance revolves around the smartness of the bacteria. It is widely believed that antibiotics inhibit the growth of susceptible bacteria.