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  • Mahbubur Rahman Khan

  • Poor awareness, missteps to blame

    The government’s mishandling of the pandemic and people’s disregard for health safety have resulted in the spike of new coronavirus cases, health experts said.
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    Women less susceptible

    Women appear to be less vulnerable to Covid-19 infection than men, shows data.
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    Experts warn of darker days ahead

    Attributing the surge in Covid-19 cases to increased public movement in the capital and elsewhere, experts warn that the country will see darker days ahead if the government fails to ensure physical distancing and make people follow the other health guidelines right away.
  • Curbs loosen, noose tightens

    The country saw its highest one-day death toll from Covid-19 and a record new cases of infections yesterday, the day the government eased the nationwide shutdown ignoring warnings from experts.
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    Death count doubles in two weeks

    The government has relaxed the countrywide shutdown at a time when the number of Covid-19 patients is increasing at a faster rate than ever.