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  • Mahbubur Rahman Khan

  • Hawk of streets running for councillor

    He was accused of occupying footpaths and extorting traders. The Dhaka South City Corporation sued him over extortion nearly three years ago.
  • Businessmen rule the race

    Businesspersons now find their representation in local government bodies more “lucrative” than before, as documents show about 67.5 percent of total councillor candidates are involved in business.
  • Laminated Posters In City Polls: A big threat to environment

    Although they promised a clean and green Dhaka city, mayor and councillor candidates in the DSCC and the DNCC polls have flooded their areas with laminated posters, which are harmful for the environment.
  • All candidates’ info still not on EC site

    It has been 14 days since councillor aspirants for the two Dhaka city corporations filed their affidavits and income statements, but the returning office of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) polls is depriving voters of information about most councillor candidates.
  • Dhaka city corporation election 2020

    Councillors in Dhaka City Polls: Pro-BNP aspirants face 1,024 cases

    At least 69 BNP-backed councillor candidates in Dhaka city are facing more than a thousand cases while only six Awami League-supported aspirants are facing 10 lawsuits, show their affidavits submitted to the returning officers.