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  • T.S.Eliot's Cat

    It is a wonderful irony that T.S. Eliot, the publication of whose long poem The Waste Land a century ago is taken by the intelligentsia to
  • The Curious Case of a Master-Spy: The Fictional Kim

    What's in a name? Suppose you are given the name of a well-known character in fiction, could this determine the sort of person you
  • Tagore and China: A Cambridge Perspective

    Unnoticed I am going away/ Just as nobody saw me come./I clasp my hands and bow my head/As clouds puff up in the west…
  • In Search of My Nanna's Bungalow

    Last weekend I went in search of my Nanna's bungalow. Seventy years ago, during World War II and in the years just after it, my mother and I had stayed with her mother in her bungalow in Erith, a small Thameside port, now part of Greater London.
  • A Daughter of India vs. a Son of England

    “Would not the immolation of a daughter of India and a son of England awaken India to its continued state of subjugation and England to the iniquities of its proceedings?” - Bina Das (1932).