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  • A Tribute to Allen Ginsberg on his 24th Death Anniversary

    Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, as much at home on the Kali Ghat as in Greenwich Village, is best remembered in Bangladesh on account of his poem, September on the Jessore Road. Year One.
  • Neither Tranquil Mandarins nor Yellow Devils

    Many centuries ago, Chinese pilgrims came up the Bay of Bengal on their way to Buddhist sites in the Subcontinent. We have no record of their conversations with the people of Bengal but it was the accurate accounts of early Chinese travellers that enabled archaeologists in the 19th century to rediscover the lost Buddhist sites like that inside a hill at Paharpur.
  • Sourav’s Song

    No need to wonder what you are: Bengal’s brightest, closest star in the night sky - though on the Earth none noticed your auspicious birth.

    Splashes of blue in the springtime green,
  • Forest Teaching

    [for Samuel on his 15th birthday]