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  • Iftekhar Iqbal

    Iftekhar Iqbal is a historian at the University of Dhaka and is currently based at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei. He is the author of The Bengal Delta: Ecology, State and Social Change, 1840-1943 (Basingstoke; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010).

  • Environmental history of Dhaka: An outline

    Environment has been key to Dhaka’s birth and rebirth, growth and development as well as its urban predicaments. Recently, Dhaka’s environmental issues have led to public debates drawing a lot of interest.
  • Railways in colonial Bengal

    After conducting a year-long survey of landscape, possible routes and profitability, Macdonald Stephenson, a Scottish engineer, proposed the first Indian railway scheme in 1845.
  • How the deadly water hyacinth invaded Bengal

    Wars are not just about strategy, diplomacy, weapons, death and destruction of human life, but also about the way it affects natural environment.
  • The Partition of Bengal, 1905: South Asia's first Look East Policy?

    Politics, patriotism, and palliatives for economic woes—all expressed themselves centrally in terms of the land and landscape of Bengal. The new province therefore fell apart and Bengal reunited.
  • Locating the Rohingya in time and space

    There is no instance in the world where after decades of experience of citizenship and of exercising the rights to electing their representative to parliament an entire population becomes stateless without security to life, property and honour, except of course in Nazi Germany.