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  • H. Rainak Khan Real

  • Are you taking things personally?

    As human beings, we have little control over how other people view us, instead we are in full control of how we view ourselves and how we respond to their views.
  • There is a world outside Dhaka

    There are many cities all over Bangladesh which provide its inhabitants with modern facilities, celebrate different cultural events within the communities and are playing an active role in the country's economy.
  • Dissecting the rumour mill

    A rumour consists of four qualities – information, circulation, unverifiability, and instrumental relevance.
  • Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

    Staying hydrated is a must for leading a healthy life.
  • The Lessons of Online Learning

    Online learning has drawn criticism in Bangladesh primarily due to our unfamiliarity surrounding the concept, having never been attempted before in this magnitude.