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  • Bangladesh Biman airlines hijack bid

    From a 'gun' to a 'toy gun' to a 'plastic pipe'

    In today's world, airport and aviation security is tight that incidents of plane hijacking have almost ceased to occur. After September 11, 2001, when an airplane was hijacked to carry out the devastating attack on the World Trade Centres in New York, USA, aviation security across the world has been tightened even further.
  • Will yaba smuggling end with the surrender of some godfathers?

    Some of our news outlets have termed the yaba smugglers as “yaba dealers” or “yaba traders.” I am not a grammarian. So I am not judging whether it is grammatically right or wrong to use the words “dealers” or “traders” to mention the yaba godfathers. I am talking from a general perspective.
  • Ducsu election should be covered by CCTV

    As the long-awaited Ducsu election is nearing, the issue of “co-existence” has widely been in discussion for some time now, just as the issue of “level playing field” was in discussion before the last national election.
  • Tara Mia and the story of a warped conscience

    We live in a world where things are constantly happening. Every day seems like an assault on our mental stability because of the nature of the events that take place, more so for a writer who has to go through the unpleasantness of trying to connect the dots and produce an analysis of them.
  • The legacy of Zafrullah Chowdhury

    Everyone employed at the hospital are involved in farming—from doctors, interns to general employees as well as its founder. It's not their hobby but part of their job description.