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  • Ghulam Sumdany Don

    Professional corporate trainer and Chief Inspirational Officer at Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy

  • Lessons I learnt from travelling

    Travelling is the best therapy of all. Travelling has taught me more than any classroom ever has. It has shown me the practical implications of life. It has taught me to respect everyone's views. So let's explore a few lessons that I have learnt throughout the years of travelling.
  • Questions you need to ask yourself before switching jobs

    It can make you look disloyal, or not worth the time and money to hire you. If you are wondering about when is the right time to switch jobs, then here are some basic questions that you need to answer before you consider switching your current job.
  • Why attitude is more important than intelligence

    A growing trend among companies nowadays is to recruit employees based on their attitudes instead of focusing on educational qualifications. Screening processes include rounds catering to employees' unique personalities. Why is that?
  • Win against low self-esteem

    To define self-esteem, you need to realise that different people attain validation in different ways. What gives a meaning to your self-esteem would not necessarily invoke the sense of fulfilment in someone else.
  • Overcome the English handicap

    Have you ever experienced the numbing fear in speaking English? Do you always hope that your boss doesn't pick you to pitch the new idea in front of the clients? Well, fear is an emotion that we all try to avoid,