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  • Firoz A Muzahid

  • When 79 years is not enough

    How long does it take to solve a trivial problem at a school where hundreds of youngsters take their first lessons to be good human beings and responsible citizens of the country?
  • It exists only in paper

    The pandemic has ruined livelihoods of many hardworking honest people, but it apparently could not stop those who had been repeatedly feasting on public money.
  • The Koras of the War

    “I’ve got to do something for my country -- that’s all I could think of. I have to free my country from Pakistan,” Kina Kora reminisced about how he felt when the Pakistani occupation army cracked down on unarmed Bangladeshis in the dark night of March 25 in 1971.
  • The last of the Koras

    They took part in laying rail tracks -- one of the primary infrastructural backbones of the country. Several of them fought for the country’s independence in 1971.
  • A jewel named Manik

    Education is dropped down the list of priorities when survival tops the list for many children having disabilities from birth.