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  • The World is a Mirror of Water: Musing on Lalon and Beyond

    It always amazes me how a simple illiterate man—'sahaj manush'—from the rural nineteenth century Bengal could have had such a magnanimous vision to assimilate in his songs the core ideas from the Vedic, Upanishadic, Vaishnavite, Buddhist, Tantric, and the Sufi philosophy.
  • Name Me Not

    It was a crisp midday. The scorching sun sat right in the middle of the sky, watching over the homebound school children.
  • Death, Grief, and Mourning: Some Chaotic Thoughts

    We always talk about life. And then when people die, we talk about their deaths in terms of life—a life they will live for eternity in all
  • Fierce, Friendly Fire

    Usually, newspaper pages are dedicated to venerable people who have passed away or won an award. The occasion for today's issue is neither.
  • Aches and Auras

    Shaji woke up with a pounding headache. The pain started in her sleep, so she thought she was only dreaming it. In her dream, she