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  • Fayeza Hasanat

  • Three, Not Three

    In the farthest end of the horizon across the river by the edge of a forest surrounding the dark hills sat a cottage made of dried palm leaves and rattan sticks in which lived an old woman.
  • Memories at War

    I often consider war as a quasi-synonym for memory. After all, memory is nothing but our present in constant war with our glorified, vilified, expressed, suppressed, erased, and fragmented selves floating in past space and time.
  • A Translation of Mojaffar Hossain’s “Subservient Country, Independent People”

    Majid kept sniffing the air as he walked. He slowed down when he heard someone’s footsteps behind him.
  • The Name Game

    When it comes to their names, most people in Bangladesh may find themselves in a convoluted situation.
  • Musing on Things Unspeakable

    Prejudice is a monstrous thing, and so is the tendency to be judgmental—the mindset that allures us to put ourselves in the shining armor of righteousness.