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  •  Things That Write Me

    I do not write. I am not a writer. I am an active thought, willing to reveal through words the enigmas of human lives and the perplexities of women's stories.
  • Not a Review, but Words of Heart: On Nausheen Eusuf's Not Elegy, But Eros

    Life is an elegy, written by time. The instinct of life itself is elegiac, for it always reminds us of fragmentations and jouissance. Life reminds us of things that “are gone into a world of light,” (as Eusuf writes in her poem,
  • The World is a Mirror of Water: Musing on Lalon and Beyond

    It always amazes me how a simple illiterate man—'sahaj manush'—from the rural nineteenth century Bengal could have had such a magnanimous vision to assimilate in his songs the core ideas from the Vedic, Upanishadic, Vaishnavite, Buddhist, Tantric, and the Sufi philosophy.
  • Name Me Not

    It was a crisp midday. The scorching sun sat right in the middle of the sky, watching over the homebound school children.
  • Death, Grief, and Mourning: Some Chaotic Thoughts

    We always talk about life. And then when people die, we talk about their deaths in terms of life—a life they will live for eternity in all